zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Public schools in America with AYA

Public Schools

Whether you are looking to develop a long-term recruitment strategy or simply seeking to diversify your population of international students, Academic Year in America (AYA) has the solution. A program of the American Institute For Foreign Study Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit charity, AYA has brought the opportunity to study in the United States to 30,000 students through our homestay program for more than thirty years.
We are now pleased to bring this opportunity to international students who wish to attend a public school in the U.S. Students recruited through the AYA network are the best young “ambassadors” of their countries and are accepted into the AYA program after careful review of their applications, which must demonstrate the requisite maturity and desire for this unique experience.
AYA students:
  • • Are ages 15-18
  • • Arrive with their own spending money and medical insurance
  • • Have studied English for at least three years
  • • Have solid academic records
  • • Are sponsored through AYA on a J-1 visa
  • • Hail from a wide range of countries, including Brazil, Germany, China
These students will reside with an American host family during the academic year, and AYA will work in cooperation with your institution to identify families that are part of your community who may wish to host a student. Our own host family network spans all fifty states, so we may already have a qualified family in your area.
If your institution is interested in recruiting international students of this caliber, simply join the AYA network.

Your American host family!

Your American Host Family

AYA host families are volunteers. They are not paid for hosting AYA foreign exchange students.
AYA carefully selects host families based on their desire to host a visiting student and ability to provide a safe, comfortable home and positive cultural experience for you in the United States. People of all ages and from all walks of life volunteer to serve as host families. Grandparents, families with younger children, single-parent families and traditional two-parent families have all hosted successfully.
Host families are located all across the U.S., primarily in smaller towns and rural areas. You may live in a home in a suburban community or a farmhouse out in the country. There is no "typical" host family. You could be within walking distance of your high school or you may need to take a bus to school daily. Students may not request where in the U.S. they would like to be placed and may not change host families because they do not like the area in which they are living. As you will learn, America's communities are as diverse as its people.
Your host family will expect you to join in family activities. They will expect you to share the privileges and responsibilities of being a family member – as if you were a natural son or daughter. This includes doing your share of chores around the house.
Your host family will want to learn about your country and will want to help you understand life in America. They will be eager to answer your questions and explain things to you when you don't understand. Above all, they want to open their hearts and share their homes with you, their new "son" or "daughter."
Host families are responsible for
  • Providing you with a home for the academic year or semester.
  • Welcoming you as a member of the family and encouraging you to participate in all aspects of family life.
  • Providing you with your own bed and place to study, either in a room you share with a family member of the same sex and age range, or your own room
  • Providing you with meals (except lunch on school days).
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas and providing you with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home and neighborhood.
  • Providing the love and understanding a young person needs to enjoy a successful stay in America.

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Information flash!

Coming to Study in the United States?

Every year more than half a million international students pursue academic studies at a college or university within the United States. The complex diversity of the American educational system often offers foreign students a wider range of learning opportunities than they would find at home, and gives them the chance to pursue advanced study programs to which they may otherwise not have access.
Beyond the obvious educational benefits, welcoming international students to American campuses promotes a cultural exchange that enriches both visiting and resident students in equal measure. As foreign students live and study with their American counterparts, the exchange of ideas and experiences helps to forge a better understanding amongst the people of the world.
Many international students fund their American college experience with their own money. Like their American counterparts, however, that money doesn't always cover their total cost of attendance and foreign students look to grants and scholarships to help them pay for their American education. Financial aid programs for international students are, by their very nature, less extensive than those available to United State’s citizens. But they do exist, and they provide much needed financial support to international students attending college or university in the U.S.
Grants for international students are highly competitive, and are only awarded to the best and brightest students. Often these grants will target students who are pursuing advanced degrees in highly specialized fields. Grants for international students may be few, but they offer the promise of greater educational opportunities to students from around the world.

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Study in the USA

American colleges are still the number one choice for international students and have the highest number of world ranked universities. Studying in the USA gives you the chance to expand your career options, explore a huge and diverse nation, and learn from internationally-renowned teachers and researchers at US colleges and Graduate schools.
The choice of universities in the USA is the largest in the world. An American college is usually smaller and offers only undergraduate degrees, while a university also offers graduate degrees. In each US university or college you will find schools (or faculties) that specialise in a subject area like Business. No matter what and where you want to study, there is a course that is right for you.
For many of the 500,000 international students who study in the US each year, the freedom to choose and change subjects and schools is also big advantage. You can begin your studies in a smaller US college, complete a two-year associate degree, and then transfer to a larger USA university for further study.


maandag 7 oktober 2013

A foreign education in America

Hey everybody! 

On this page we will talk about an education abroad!
Personally I come from The Netherlands and I did thought about studying abroad very often! There are very much options for a study in America, there are several companies that will show you the way!

For example you can study 1 year in America, it's for adult people, students and younger people! Very exiting..!

Also there are several language courses to do in America, depending on how long you want to stay.

And the last one for today, university preparation! If you want to go to the university in your own country you can always do the preparation in America, that would be great to learn the English language and even meet new people!

Well guys, that's it for today!